Chatting to Courtney Adamo

At The Hood, we are passionate about showing motherhood as it really is. Of course, that reality is different for everyone, which is why we are talking to women far and wide about their motherhood journey. Here, we talk to mother-of-four and successful businesswoman, Courtney Adamo.


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In Your Hood - with COPE founder Dr Nicole Highet

We talk to Dr Nicole Highet, the founder and chief executive of COPE - Centre of Perinatal Excellence - about the challenges of motherhood and her important organisation.

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In the Hood - A Q&A with The Hood co-founders Natasha and Rachel Wells

Welcome to In the Hood - a blog-cum-online-neighbourHood where women can feel supported, inspired and encouraged. Here, we will share our own honest thoughts and experiences on motherHood and invite you to share yours. 
We will also feature a regular series - In Your Hood - where we will profile mums from all walks of life and ask them how they 'do it'. How do they juggle the joyous, chaotic and downright challenging moments that make motherHood one of life's most exhilarating journeys. 
Before we hit up other mums to share their stories, we thought we better share ours first. For those who don't know, we're twins and this is the first time we have interviewed each other in 40 years. Here goes...

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