What it feels like when your superhero stumbles and falls

We recently received a message from one of our favourite mums and one of The Hood's greatest supporters. She wanted to remain anonymous but she also wanted to share a story that rocked her world and an important message about why we should never take our superheroes for granted.

Let’s just say that I’m not shy in admitting that when our boys shout out to the world ‘My Dad is my Superhero!’ I do a little cheer-leading move right behind them. Ok, they may not shout it out so loudly now, getting older it’s more of a quiet ‘crowd roar’. Especially for boys, fathers are (and should be) their highly-held role model for their lives ahead – or even for which footy team to go for. But what happens when our Superhero falls and rocks our world?

Image by mattyphotography.

Being a mother of 3 boys, details and dates of events are a little sketchy (but of course I tell them all that I remember every ‘first’!) However, one day will stick in my mind like an unwanted piece of bubblegum on the bottom of my shoe – Thursday November 17th 2016. It was the morning that I received that phonecall, you know, the one that you realise something is wrong when your husband’s boss starts off by saying ‘You know how your husband is on a job in ...’ the only words I remember clearly from that first phonecall were “heart attack”.

I think as mothers we are instinctly trained to ‘hold it all together’ and not being one who enjoys to publicly show my emotions I went into ‘organisation mode’... the boys would need someone at home when they got home from school, I would need to cancel my orders for my business that day, family would need to be called (my mostest not favourite thing!) And then there was the distance factor (he was at a job an hour away & the ambulance took him to the hospital in that town). Our boys all coped in different ways – one with loads of questions – one with needing more hugs – and one with sheer silence & distance (it took a while for him to see the Superhero cape on his Dad again) and as for me, let’s say that the cliff edge which I felt I was standing on is slowly becoming a distant view.

We are very thankful that Dad is still with us today – dare we say it, better than he has felt in a long time – but our world took quite some time to stop rocking! Besides having shares in the local Pharmacy to support life time meds we have a clearer view on family life and what it should look like.

As hind-sight has it Dad had many warning signs (but not typical) – constant tiredness, waking with headaches, unquenchable thirst...signs that the body is being starved of oxygen (which apparently is quite handy to have flowing around your blood stream!) The stent which was implanted has worked wonderfully and besides leaking 2 litres of blood when he grazes his leg he feels oh so much better.

In line with The Hood’s theme at present, I suggest another one – ‘OK but first family’. If you know your partner has some unexplained symptoms or just doesn’t feel right, take that step of getting a check-up – it could save you from seeing your Superhero fall.

Lessons that our family focus on now are: family time is more important than work, running a business, making sure the bathroom is clean or dishes done and we say ‘yes’ to more family walks after dinner or on the weekends along the water holding hands with our Superhero who rocks our world.

Belinda + a houseful of boys

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